M.K. Consult Group (K.L.) Sdn. Bhd. (266070-M)
M.K. Consulting Group Sdn. Bhd. (274817-H) – Seremban
Accounting, Corporate Restructuring & Consultancy Services

Accounting services cover compilation and review of client's financial information, maintaining client's bank accounts and general ledgers, preparing monthly and annual financial statements, accounting system procedure improvements.

The firm provides these services to clients in diverse industries, from sole proprietorship, partnership and private limited companies.

Through consultancy services we will provide advice and assurance to help you manage your operations by minimising the costs and at the strategic level by maximising the competitive and strategic opportunities.

Accounting services
Prepare full set accounts in compliance with the applicable accounting standards approved in Malaysia.

Corporate restructuring services
Provide assistance and advice on purchase and disposal of business.
Provide assistance and advice on the financial position of business.

Preparation of projections and proposals services

Advise on cash flows projections and budgets for business activities.
Prepare financial proposals for loan application process.
Accounting software recommendations and application.
Outsourcing services e.g. accounting.

Member of M.Y.O.B Practising Accountants Club (PAC)
Provide advisory services to clients on M.Y.O.B.
Installation of M.Y.O.B. accounting software.
Provide support training to client’s staff on application of  M.Y.O.B.

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