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Corporate Finance

We provide a valuable service to businesses at every stage of their life cycle. Whether it be raising funds, acquiring, merging, restructuring or ultimately selling, our many years of experience and expertise in transactional work enables us to meet all the challenges of a business's corporate advisory requirements.

We collaborate with various experts in the industry to provide a diverse range of services to assist your business.

We provide a variety of sevices which enchances your business in the following areas:

  • Business Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Business Disposals Advisory
  • Raising Business Finance
  • Business Valuation Advisory
Due Diligence

Financial due diligence forms a crucial part of any acquisition process and serves to mitigate any potential risks associated with a transaction.


MK Consult helps clients identify and understand the value of their businesses in both contentious and non-contentious situations

Whether buying, selling, borrowing, or planning, it is crucial to make informed business decisions from a position of knowledge and strength. We develop the proper analytical design, structure, and methodology for your company valuation.

In addition to offering valuation services for the purposes of a transaction, we are experienced in acting as an expert witness in both corporate and personal disputes.


We are experienced in helping clients achieve their acquisition strategies. Our services includes:

  • Identifying and valuing potential targets
  • Deal structuring
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Assisting with negotiations
  • Tax structuring on the deal
  • Reviewing legal documents and advising on commercial, financial and tax implications
Disposals and exit planning

We are experienced and aware of the procedure of selling businesses can be a protracted process where the planning phase requires years before the settlement is completed. Despite the tedious process, we ensure to provide your management team with the necessary assistance to make the transaction process smoother. Maximization of gross and net sale receipts are the upmost priority for us and we assure that the necessary actions are taken to achieve it.

Tax planning is a crucial factor to be considered especially when dealing with cooperate financial transactions. Neglecting the proper procedure could result in unnecessary tax liabilities or possibly loss of important tax reliefs.
We have extensive experience in managing, consulting and assisting in such transactions, across a wide range of sectors to ensure you maximize the value of a sale in the smoothest possible way.

Our services include assistance in the following:

  • Identifying potential purchasers
  • Preparing and managing the distribution of an information memorandum
  • Preparing sales documentation
  • Advising on how best to structure a transaction to meet your requirements
  • Tax structuring to reduce tax costs on exit
Raising Business Finance

Whether it’s a start up capital for a new venture or funding for a potential acquisition. Our services include the preparation of forecasts and business plans, company valuation, assistance in negotiations with potential funders and advising on taxation implications.

Being fully independent, MK is able to ensure that its clients receive objective advice without any conflict of interest and is able to act as the intermediator with potential lenders to achieve the best terms and conditions for particular transactions.

Corporate Restructuring

Overhauls are complex and occasionally chaotic processes, often involving numerous parties, significant planning and analysis, and a high degree of coordination. For most client management teams, this is unfamiliar territory.

MK have a practical approach to helping businesses and their stakeholders. Having a broad base of skills, we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service and providing clients with effective options and solutions.